Beyoncé Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

 Wednesday night I went to a Beyoncé concert. Tickets were bought less than twenty hours before and my two cohorts and I hopped in the car after work and hightailed it to Miami to see Queen Bey in the flesh. We walked into the biggest stadium I’ve ever been in to a strangely festival-ghetto-summer-camp vibe. There were tailgaters and high heels and the most spectacular escalator in the world. The screens read “THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE” and we couldn’t have agreed more.

Miami traffic was so backed up surrounding the stadium that people literally abandoned their cars on the highway and walked to get to Beyoncé. Placing their lives and the fate of their vehicles in the hands of the universe just to see this woman. I’m just hoping one day someone thinks I’m cool enough to pick me up from the airport, much less leave their car on the side of the road for me. 

This is a New York Times article that describes the show better than I ever could: But I’ll still give you a few personal favorites.

Jay Z kept interrupting, but Beyoncé just let him do his thing which was super sweet of her. I guess something had to happen during her costume changes. At first I thought he was wearing Mardi Gras beads around his neck before I realized that it was actually millions of dollars of jewelry. So I guess he had that going for him. 

 The lady in front of me whispered “Bey, give me life. Give me life, Bey” from the 400s section for 2 full hours, which was super special. Well that, and taking snapchat videos of herself dancing with Beyoncé.

At one point Beyoncé started dancing to sound effects that were just gunfire. I’m pretty sure this symbolized how her dance moves alone could kill a man if she wanted to.

I got really really hungry halfway through, which was sort of a breakthrough for me. It at least made me come back to reality in the sense that my basic body functions were still more important than Beyoncé. 

If you ever need any sort of workout inspiration for all the rest of your days, I’d like to prescribe a Beyoncé concert. Hashtag fitspiration. 

After two hours of pure awe that culminated in heart-warming Carter family home videos and a kiss between Beyoncé and Jay Z, we were released back into the world. To the biggest traffic jam of all time and of course the urgency of falling asleep in the backseat. 

Thanks, Bey.



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