On Wandering

You know the Holy Sprit is moving and active when you get something new out of singing Oceans. It’s a wonderful song, don’t get me wrong, but I could sing it backwards at this point. In spite of this, standing in a room with probably a thousand other people to typical modern worship (smoke machines and all) something new was whispered into my heart.

“Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander”


That’s all we’re doing without Christ. A life of wandering. And we can’t go any deeper, we can’t move past that without his help.


Think about it Biblically, the concept of wandering. The first thing you jump to is probably the Israelites in the desert. Now there’s some wandering. Forty years were wasted because they wouldn’t follow God’s direction.

But wandering isn’t a one time thing in the Bible. Jesus speaks of the wandering sheep. The pharisees complained that Jesus was spending all his time caught up with sinners, with wanderers. But Jesus sees value in the wanderer. He pursues them and brings them back to the flock.

All we can do without Him is wander. We’re in the dark, stumbling with no direction. How many days, months, years have you spent wandering? Making no progress and achieving nothing. He’s the only one that can save us from a life of wandering. He gives us purpose and direction and light.

Until next time, 



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