PROS&CONS: Hotel Living

An interesting quirk of this internship in is that we’re living in The Forum, a hotel/office building/church/community center where there always seems to be four hundred things going on. For the interns working with One Hope, that means they’re living and working in the same building, which is sort of awesome and sort of unfortunate. Here’s some of the things I’ve learned about living in a hotel thus far. 

 Pro: They make your bed every day

Con: They don’t make your bed if you throw your clothes all over it which is always with Victoria and they also sometimes come in when you’re sleeping and you have to watch them clean the room and feel like a privileged loser


Pro: Making friends with a cool security guard named Greg who has a magnificent beard and is as scary as he is friendly

Con: When that security guard sees you dancing in the fitness room on the security cameras and comes in to make fun of you 


Pro: Living with all 20 of your closest friends that you just met a month ago

Con: There is literally not a single place to escape all 20 of your closest friends if you’re in that kinda place

Pro: Getting four fresh towels every day

Con: Knowing that you’re slowly killing the earth with the amount of laundry you’re personally creating

Pro: There’s a fitness room

Con: The fitness room kinda resembles a holding cell for prisoners of war

Pro: Free continental breakfast!*

Con: *There’s a couple bananas and some cold pancakes downstairs if you’re interested

Pro: Mondays and Fridays I literally just have to wake up and go upstairs to work, nothing beats that commute

Con: The elevator traffic can get really tough

Other Con: The number of times I’ve made that joke

Pro: There’s a nice man to greet you whenever you walk in and out of the building

Con: The nice man sometimes waves and sometimes doesn’t cause I think he struggles with consistency and he also gets to know your movements a little too well aka when you go get ice cream at 1:30am and he’s also the same person that watches all the security cameras and you have to live with that embarrassment

Pro: I’m living with 3 other girls

Con: I’m living with 3 other girls




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