Stop It There’s No Way Summer’s Halfway Over

It’s July people, and if your life’s anything like me that means you have about a month and a half left of this glorious freedom we have called summer. And if you’re anything like me you sure haven’t done most of the things you were absolutely sure you would do this summer.

 Here’s some things you really shouldn’t miss:

Go to a farmers market, or at least consume something that you can’t consume in that soulless time we call winter. There are watermelons, MANGOES, do not miss this opportunity.

Save up to do something that will make a memory. Maybe thats a concert, maybe it’s a roadtrip, or maybe it’s buying 7 gallons of ice cream and eating them all in one night (I guarantee you won’t be able to forget that). Just try to spend your money on not-Starbucks once or twice.

Watch a sunrise. For three reasons. 1. Youths suck at the discipline and the appreciation of morning, morning is good for you. 2. It’s beautiful, but there’s not that many people around so you feel like you’re the only one in the whole world that ever got that kind of beauty. 3. It’s warm outside so you can enjoy sitting outside in the early morning and you won’t feel like you’re gonna die even a little bit.

In an entirely different vein, watch a whole season of a TV show (or like three movies) without moving at all. Cause you can do it mostly guilt free for the only time all year long and it’s just not right to not take advantage of that.

Learn the Single Ladies dance. You’ve been putting it off for too long. Besides, that’s a good one to have up your sleeve.

Put your phone down for a full 24 hours. Just to remind yourself that it’s possible.

Set a goal for yourself and complete it. I know this one’s super broad but people are super broad so it’s justified. Whether that means Running five miles, starting a blog (hey look I know about that!), or not showering for a full week (to each his own), work on your follow through with all this crazy free time. 

Above all, don’t waste it. I won’t torture you with the number of days till we go back, but it’s much too small. Have fun, kids.




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