Why You Shouldn’t Go Get Donuts At 1:30AM

I made it black and white and square cropped it so it would look nostalgic and vintage-y. Did it work?

There are two categories of mornings: 1. Wow that was so productive I feel so refreshed mornings are awesome and revitalizing. 2. I’d like to die just so I never have to experience another morning. Today was that second kind.

The brief highlights include waking up with full knowledge that I would be late for work and laying down on the floor to put off the decision of what to wear.

My friend Matt is letting me drive his car to work every day which is potentially the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, he’s a grade A guy. I affectionately refer to the car as The Ugliest Car I’ve Ever Seen, and the battery has already died once forcing Erin and I to learn how to jump a car on a Florida afternoon in high heels. 

This morning I was halfway to work when I thought, hm where’s my phone? I just don’t see it. I then had the paralyzing experience of looking through the car windshield at my phone on the hood. Just chilling. Exposed to the winds and the ways of the road and toughing it out. I wish I had myself videotaped cause I’m pretty sure I started hyperventilating, put my hands out as if I could reach through the window, and started praying out loud all at once. Naturally I kept driving in a panicked state watching my phone for 45 seconds before pulling over right in the middle of the dang road because THIS CANNOT WAIT while an old man on a bike watched me rescue my phone with a celebratory fist pump. 

Once I got to Erin’s, aka The Office, I went inside and told my traumatizing story only to be told that I left the car door wide open and just walked into the house. You’re losing it Victoria.

Here’s to sticky iPhone cases and getting more sleep tonight.



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