Wear Your Shorts To Work


Because I’m in Florida, I’ve planted myself firmly under the impression that shorts can be professional if you wear them right, and this notion is only cemented by my boss who does exactly the same thing. Besides you could put a blazer on over your pajamas and successfully lead a meeting, those things are magic.

This particular blazer is a product of my July Fourth shopping spree at the Gap, which I realized after the fact consisted of almost entirely red white and blue striped items. Oops. But it was fourteen dollars and when life hands you a fourteen dollar blazer you just don’t ask questions. I’m literally buying clothes faster than I can wear them.

Anyways, back to the shorts thing. Start with a structured short, no fringe or denim or anything of the like. I strongly recommend some sort of collar on the top, whether it’s a blazer or just an oxford. For shoes, either something closed-toed or heels. I’ll go to wedges every time, but make sure they’re not too too high otherwise you might look like a streetwalker (is that a socially acceptable term? who knows).

So try to wear your shorts to work tomorrow! If you get fired, you didn’t hear any of this from me.





Blazer: Gap//T-shirt: Gap//Shorts: h&m//Watch: Coach//Earrings: h&m//Shoes: Nine West



One thought on “Wear Your Shorts To Work

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