Things I’ve Learned As An Intern (Part 2)


I’m on a plane between Fort Lauderdale and Baltimore right now and since I called my very first article Things I’ve Learned As An Intern (Part 1), I figured it was in my best interest to have a part two.

I’m currently wearing a cardigan covered with seahorses with aztec print pants because I forgot how cold it is in this wasteland we call the north. When I walked outside at 5am in Pompano it was hot enough to sweat, iIMG_1701n Baltimore it’s a meager 73.

I need to work out more for no other reason than having the ability to set up and tear down tables without harming myself or others around me because table interaction is the thing I am worst at in the world.

The most underrated kindness is still excellent hospitality. It just blows you away.

 I still can’t get anything done when I try to work outside not even a little bit not even at all.

I don’t do well snorkeling. Boats are the best thing around and I love them very much. Waves are not the best thing around and if was possible to punch them without making a fool of myself I would do it.

IMG_1520I can be as nutritious and modern about my food choices as I want but I still hate avocados, dang it.

A broken stair step machine is really a staple of any low quality gym.

You learn the most about your beliefs when you’re surrounded by people different from you. This is pretty super obvious, but this was one of the first times I’ve entered a situation where there was such diversity in belief. We had so much to learn from each other because the ideas someone else held close I’ve never even heard before.


Less cotton, more of everything else. This sort of means less Gap and I want you all to know that I’m taking the time to mourn this properly (with the four dollar flats I bought there yesterday. FOUR DOLLARS).

Event planning is cool and I like it a lot and I could work with Erin for all eternity, but it’s not my dream job. Way too much dealing with tables (I don’t think you all understand my aversion).

The Florida fashion game is so much stronger than the Ohio fashion game (duh) and Cedarville isn’t ready.

It will continue to puzzle me how we can firmly entrench ourselves in a place and the people and the organizations and then walk away two months later never to see any of it again. And we do it all so willingly.

This summer wasn’t much at all like I imagined but it was beautiful and stretching and I’m so thankful for an internship program like Cultivate and a summer of experience that will stick with me.IMG_1717.


One thought on “Things I’ve Learned As An Intern (Part 2)

  1. chelslynn says:

    LOVED having you here with us this summer. So glad to have had a the chance to get to know you a bit. Come back anytime. You are always welcome!

    And yes… the fashion game is high here…

    Miss you!


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