Can’t Live Without: The List

I left my phone charger in Orlando this weekend and my laptop charger quit on me this week. In other news, I’m a hot mess. In light of those two very necessary things up and removing themselves from my life, I decided to write a list of things I can’t survive without.


A coffee mug that that brings joy to my life, or preferably 10-20 to chose from

Coffee, which we all learned together very quickly in the past few weeks

Honestly, instagram. Where would we be without the square cropped wonderland that drives us to stand on tables in restaurants just to get the right angle?

Strawberry greek yogurt which I buy in gigantic tubs and fool myself into thinking is really healthy when really it’s like a little better than ice cream

Google calendar. God bless google calendar.

6 hours of sleep and 4.5 minutes to get ready (this is why I’m always late to work)

Incidentally, chargers for my technology. Or friends that are kind enough to let me use theirs

Mascara, cause I’m trying this cool new look called not-half-dead

Currently, the band Now, Now cause they are magic

Painted nails. My nails are a litmus test of my stress level, take heed.

Clothes, apparently. Cause when the choice comes down to living off humus and almond milk and buying a dress or going grocery shopping for real, you know my closet wins every time.


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