Rule 14: Don’t Complain


This week I was on a fall trip for DAE which is basically a group that helps the alumni office and as a thank you they buy us food and wicked sick sweatshirts. The first three nights we were camping in Gatlinburg, and it’s not really a stretch to say I’m not really a camping person. The only person more out of her element than me was Morgan, who actually started crying at work when she found out we were camping. On top of that, we didn’t have showers the whole time we were there, and it rained. A lot. I tried to give up and get a hotel at least 48 times but I actually had no power to do that so it didn’t work very well. But in the spirit of the Fall Trip Rules, here’s a list of all the things I’m not complaining about.


1. The shower on Tuesday in a motel that would normally have weirded me out in a big way but instead was the manifestation of everything right with the world. Pretty sure I was showering in part shower water and part tears of joy.

2. 100% charge on my phone. After five days of clinging to 8% battery power and plugging our phones in for 6 minutes while we ran into Starbucks, a full charge was more than worth celebrating.

3. Wearing shirts that aren’t crew cut. Rule number 10 is “Wear Cedarville!” (you won’t be a 10 if you’re wearing Cedarville). I broke this rule twice because the camp counselor look stifles my self-expression in a big way.


4. Staying at a host home, in an actual bed, with actual shower access. “Just think! We can shower tonight! We can shower tomorrow morning! We can shower from tonight until tomorrow morning!”

5. Jeremy calling a Starbucks at 6am on the way out Atlanta to ascertain that they had an Atlanta You Are Here Collection mug. Priorities.

6. Places without spiders. Our entire campsite was covered in spiders and you just knew they were crawling on you while you were sleeping and sometimes you would find one on your shoulder and it was just the most disheartening thing.


7. The city of Atlanta cause I felt the presence of Drake so strongly in the city so I knew it was home and there was a ferris wheel so that was cool and the tea was so sweet you could feel it hit your bloodstream and take you to a new level.

8. Washing machines because after 3 days of mountain rain every part of your life is damp and you’re willing to bowl over incoming freshmen if it means getting to the laundry room faster.


9. Group photo streams that really turn into a Who’s Having More Fun competition.

10. Experiencing the Dolly Parton Museum with far too little sleep so the whole thing sort of felt like an acid trip.

11. A pool so warm it sort of felt like you were swimming in your own urine.


12. LifeFood aka fruits and vegetables because after a full day of sleeping on various benches around Dollywood we ate some watermelon and it made us new and we were ready to run laps again and that’s the power of what you put into your body people.

13. Not driving because I’ve driven 35 hours around North America in the last week and I think if I have to get in a car again I will throw myself out the passenger window at top speed.

14. Vans because the last night we camped during a torrential downpour Morgan and Rachel and I locked ourselves in a van and refused to get out even to brush our teeth and we stayed there all night and we were so dry and spider-free that everything was wonderful.


15. The Color Code which is my new favorite personality test and you should all take it and tell me your color because it is the most fascinating thing and I’m such a Yellow it’s ridiculous.

16. Sleeping for 8 hours after you’ve slept 4 hours every other night before cause you wake up and everything is so CLEAR and you realize you’ve been living in a fog and now the world is yours and everything is in your power.

17. Putting on lipstick after three days of Nature Grunge and feeling so back in my element.

Overall it was a fantastic trip and I am so grateful for every moment except maybe the one when I found a spider in my sleeping bag but all the other moments were great. Quick shoutout to Jeff Beste cause now I know he reads my blog. 



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