Unpacking Chronicles

There’s only one thing in the world worse than unpacking and that’s packing. But right now I’m in the unpacking stage so that feels like the very worst thing there is. I’m bad at unpacking for the same reason I’m bad at packing: I have a lot of stuff. So much stuff. It took me about a week to unpack everything and it only took Joy about 4 hours if that gives you any idea. While my willingness to live in a disaster zone might make you believe otherwise, I’m super particular about how everything is organized. I worked in the apparel section at Dick’s for one summer so I still think I’m the resident expert on folding and everything has to be color coded and sorted. It’s a little ridiculous. So I thought I’d give you all a little look into the nightmare of Willetts 117.

I lived for a full week in a room that was so crammed full of unpacked stuff that you couldn’t get from one side to the other. It was part obstacle course, part death trap, but when I got stressed out I could just sit on my dresser in the middle of it all which felt sort of like a throne.

I walk past my room approximately seven times a day and normally don’t realize it until someone says “…wait isn’t that your room?” I’ve also walked into the laundry room instead of the bathroom at least four times. I put my clothes into the dryer instead of the washer on accident and actually started it before I realized. Change is tough folks.

I raised my bed all by myself which took an hour, and a half a wrench, and a couple years off my life. I don’t know how people do physical labor because it just makes me angry. I just kept dropping pieces of lumber on my limbs and lifting heavy things is so not in my skill set.

All the sophomores at the beginning of the hall have these fabulous rooms with like cool rugs and decorations. I was wondering why their rooms were so much cooler than mine and then I remembered that I’ve been in meetings since about 2012. Maybe I’ll post a picture of my room if it ever stops looking like Target exploded inside a prison cell.


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