Excuses to Get Coffee, Again.

One day I’ll wake up on time to make myself coffee, but today is not that day. College is hard and life is even harder and sometimes it seems like the purest form of comfort is coffee. Here are a whole bunch of ways to rationalize spending on the money you don’t have on something that really won’t last.

I had to wake up in the 7s today and everyone knows the 7s are evil, coffee is merely my penance.
I finished all my homework, I deserve it.
I didn’t finish all my homework, life is hard.
I work sometimes.
A coffee cup would really just complete my outfit right now.
I have 20 minutes to burn and I really don’t know what else to do.
Why would I deprive myself of that simple pleasure, I’m no masochist.
I have to go to class, and I need incentive to not pass out on my table.
I just came from class, and I need something to restore life.
All these other people are getting coffee, there’s no way all of them could be making a bad decision.
The barista is my friend, I’m just being social. That’s part of being a healthy, happy young adult.
I read somewhere once that coffee has antioxidants and I’m feeling particularly oxidized today (that’s not how you use those words.)
I’m young, I’m reckless, I do what I want. What I want is coffee.
Now go get yourself some coffee.
Until next time,

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