Stupid Things That Drive Us Crazy


Guys the internet is an amazing place. When I was poking around looking for pictures to go with this post I stumbled upon a true gemstone. A diamond in the rough of the wordpress world: True genuine fortunes taken from the top of your used coffee cup. What a treat.

When you’re drinking coffee and some spills out and sits on the lid and gets all cold and you don’t want to slurp it off cause that’s obnoxious but how can you just leave it there?

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My Steering Wheel Is On Lock, Literally

Yesterday morning it was raining. I have a firm policy called I Don’t Walk In The Rain I Won’t Do It, so I drove to work at 8. Uneventful. I had to work across campus at 9, so at 8:50 I got back in the car to make the journey. So on target, so prompt.

Stuck my key in the ignition and it wouldn’t turn. Would. Not. Turn.

Now I know about as much about cars as your dad knows about nail polish brands so there was no possible explanation for this. Am I not strong enough? How did I break my new car ALREADY? The Lord has taken this from me. He has taken my car because I don’t deserve it. I guess this is my penance. I will take it gracefully. Maybe my key’s worn out? Let me try to turn it and wiggle it around at the same time. Nothing.

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Pursuit of a Slow Moving Garden

Evernote Camera Roll 20140902 093522
Monday afternoon on the way to the obligatory coffeeshop study day, fate showed itself in the best possible way. In a perfectly timed crescendo of life a school bus completely covered in flowers passed in front of the car, and naturally we followed it. At first we thought this Slow Moving Garden was just headed to Yellow Springs, the hippie town fifteen minutes away. But when they turned the other direction, we had a decision to make. Go find a coffee shop and get some homework done, or head out into the unknown after a school bus covered in greenery. Slow Moving Garden. Duh.

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