Pursuit of a Slow Moving Garden

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Monday afternoon on the way to the obligatory coffeeshop study day, fate showed itself in the best possible way. In a perfectly timed crescendo of life a school bus completely covered in flowers passed in front of the car, and naturally we followed it. At first we thought this Slow Moving Garden was just headed to Yellow Springs, the hippie town fifteen minutes away. But when they turned the other direction, we had a decision to make. Go find a coffee shop and get some homework done, or head out into the unknown after a school bus covered in greenery. Slow Moving Garden. Duh.

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We found a plaque on the back of the bus pointing us to a place called MVG, presumably the home of the Slow Moving Garden. After a quick mapping, MVG was found to be 29 miles away in New Carlisle. This wouldn’t have been that big of a stretch, but the bus had a top speed of 35 miles per hour on account of there were flowers growing out of the side. It was a long drive.
The nice part about this bus chase is that there was never any fear of losing the bus. Our hard work would definitely pay off because you don’t just lose track of a flower-covered school bus. The pedestrians loved the bus. Everyone waved as we passed them, as if that was protocol for a Slow Moving Garden. Eddie took this as waving at him every time and waved back.
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The Slow Moving Garden kept pulling over so everyone could go around them cause 35mph tends to frustrate some people but every time we would just pull over behind them which I’m pretty sure creeped them out in a big way because who the heck are these hooligans following us. Eddie yelled “We love you Slow Moving Garden” every minute on the minute so at least they knew our intentions were pure.
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For the first ten minutes BusChase2014 was the best thing that ever happened to us, but around minute thirty we began to lose heart. The bus kept turning down these strange roads and we were in the middle of nowhere and it felt like they were trying to lose us and I really wanted ice cream. We’d been breathing in bus fumes for far too long and Manchester’s COPE had already looped once. We didn’t even really want to look at the Slow Moving Garden any more. We were ready to quit.
I think what amazed us most about the Slow Moving Garden was the stability. Not once were we hit with a flower petal. That bus had itself together. We wished that we were as stable as the Slow Moving Garden. After you follow anything down a road for long enough it becomes a metaphor for life. The Slow Moving Garden was doing its own thing. It was beautiful but unique, growing but living life at its own pace. It was everything we wanted to be. It changed us for the better.
Evernote Camera Roll 20140902 093523
After 45 minutes we pulled in to MVG, a greenhouse that was very closed for Labor Day. A man who we came to know as Earl got out of the bus and the first thing he said was “Really? You didn’t have anything better to do?”  After we told him homework was the only other thing on the list he understood, cause Earl gets it. He introduced himself and told us everything a person could want to know about the world’s largest vertical garden. Earl’s wife took a picture of us which was quite an undertaking because she’d never seen an iPhone before in her life. She took 56 photos on burst with her finger in front of the lens, but thanks to Earl’s help we got a winner. We fed the goats and sat on the big chair and admired the plants and Earl was very patient with us and hardly gave us any strange looks at all.
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Until next time,

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