One Last Warm Day

We get One Last Warm Day. One more day before we’re turned over to the incessant cold dreariness of winter. Before our skin is drenched of color and our noses are runny and our faces are sad.

We don’t know when it’s coming. There’s no way to predict the last time we can step outside without a tear running down our cheek. So we are forced to celebrate every one until we get there.

Here’s how to do it up right.

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Every university has a physical activity requirement that causes widespread agony among the freshmen, Cedarville’s is called Physical Activity in the Christian Life. To pass PACL, you have to play some sort of intramural. Or you could lie about playing an intramural, but my friends wouldn’t let me do that. So freshman year we banded together to form a basketball team and called ourselves Anger MGMT. And what started as an obligation became a legacy.

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I Am Not Your Sister

I am not your daughter. I am not your cousin. I am not a future mother. Don’t respect me because of that.

I am not someone’s sister. I am not someone’s daughter. God forbid, I am not someone’s future wife. Don’t respect me because of that.

No relationship to anyone, in any context, makes me warrant your respect. A ring on my finger or being someone’s little girl is not a determining factor.

I am a person. I am a human being. Respect me because of that.

Not treating me as an object because I’m someone’s daughter is not good enough. Don’t treat me as an object because I too was born and have walked the earth and was created in the image of God.

I hope to be someone, not someone’s.