One Last Warm Day

We get One Last Warm Day. One more day before we’re turned over to the incessant cold dreariness of winter. Before our skin is drenched of color and our noses are runny and our faces are sad.

We don’t know when it’s coming. There’s no way to predict the last time we can step outside without a tear running down our cheek. So we are forced to celebrate every one until we get there.

Here’s how to do it up right.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset
1. Dress flagrantly out of season. Unashamed. Bare legs and no sleeves. I wanna see those florals, this is your last chance. And of course that includes lipcolor.

2. Write bask into your google calendar. Cause we all know google calendar dictates life and you can NOT divert from it.

3. Accidentally flash 2-3 tour groups because you just can’t hold down your skirt and hold your latte at the same time and you know which one I chose.

4. Ditch at least one pressing responsibility that keeps you from seeing the sky. Because the sun is not something to be taken for granted people.

5. Get iced coffee and act like it’s not making you shiver.

6. Eat lunch outside and pretend to be surprised when your french fries fly everywhere like you didn’t know that the wind in Cedarville, Ohio is akin to category 3 hurricanes in other parts of the US.

Mission accomplished.


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