Before You Download Trivia Crack


Trivia Crack is the latest new sensation sweeping my iPhone. The basic concept is the same as Words With Friends, you play your Facebook friends in battles of pride, valor, and meaningless trivia. There are six categories: Geography, Science, History, Sports, Art, and Entertainment, and you absolutely have to be good at all of them to not suck at this game. Questions range from “Which country is President Barack Obama the president of?” to “What year was the Battle of Totelliri?” (Do you know what the Battle of Tortelliri is cause I SURE don’t but I know it was in 1583.)

Now before you go off downloading it , here’s all the things you need to know before plunging yourself into the world of TRIVIACRACK.

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The Lows of Dorm Life


We all live in dorms. We hang Christmas lights and burn elicit candles and try to perform Pinterest miracles to make them into havens they were never intended to be. But try as we might, some things are just out of our control. We can refuse to ever use our fluorescent lights and buy the softest mattress pad in the world, but we can never completely forget where we are.

I bring you, the lowest lows of Dorm Life.

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Who Really Is The NFL? A Five Part Series.


I was originally going to write a post about which NFL team was most like your love life. So, fully immersed in research, I called my friend Tyler to soak in some of his knowledge. It’s amazing how much boys know about sports. I think it’s just born into you guys, I could study for hours a day but the name Larry Bird still wouldn’t trigger any sort of response. So he was telling me about every team in the NFL, and something greater was born. A comprehensive analysis of every team in the NFL as a girl that you might potentially date.

Now bear with me, some of these are mean. Some of you may look at who I make your team out to be and never speak to me again. But this is also a handy guide in finding a team to love! You just oughta know what you’re getting yourself into. (Also useful, assigning every person in your life to a team. Watch out.)

We’re going to tackle about 4 teams a week. If you have any ideas or you’ve put a lot of thought into this at 3am when you were supposed to be writing a paper and you’re SURE you have the 49ers nailed, by all means shoot me an email.

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All The Ways I Should Have Known To Vote

I didn’t vote yesterday. I didn’t do it. And I was angry about it for twelve straight hours and every time someone posted a new voting picture on Instagram my blood pressure spiked and it was in no way healthy.
This is the first election I was old enough to vote in. And yeah I know it’s my own fault, but I have no idea how to register to vote. Or when to register to vote. Or how to get an absentee ballot. Or how to send an absentee ballot. Or really anything about our American voting system at all. And I believe that is today’s injustice. The only time I was ever prompted to register to vote was on tumblr. TUMBLR. T U M B L R. By the Democrats, now how do you like them apples? Tumblr is by far the least intellectual part of my life. Somebody’s dropping the ball.
Here is an incomplete list of all the ways I should have been persuaded to vote:

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