Before You Download Trivia Crack


Trivia Crack is the latest new sensation sweeping my iPhone. The basic concept is the same as Words With Friends, you play your Facebook friends in battles of pride, valor, and meaningless trivia. There are six categories: Geography, Science, History, Sports, Art, and Entertainment, and you absolutely have to be good at all of them to not suck at this game. Questions range from “Which country is President Barack Obama the president of?” to “What year was the Battle of Totelliri?” (Do you know what the Battle of Tortelliri is cause I SURE don’t but I know it was in 1583.)

Now before you go off downloading it , here’s all the things you need to know before plunging yourself into the world of TRIVIACRACK.

1. It’s called crack for a reason. I kid you not, you won’t know what else to do with yourself. Lunch has become sitting in a circle playing trivia crack, class has become sitting in one place playing trivia crack. It’s a substitution for all human interaction, what more does a person need than smack talk in chat section?

2. This is why we went to high school people. How else do I know the Greek goddess of war (Ares) and what battles went on from 1095-1200 (the Crusades). You will be drunk on your own knowledge of things that don’t at all affect your greater good. You will also be kicking yourself for not paying more attention in AP World sophomore year because for the life of me WHAT CITY WAS HAMMURABI FROM?

3. Around the 27th hour, you will be stricken by a new and horrible phenomenon. You ran out of lives. “What does that mean?” you scream into the heavens, “I didn’t even know this game had lives.” After extensive research of staring at the app for 20 minutes waiting for new lives I’ve gathered that you basically have to have a new life to start a new game. That’s why playing 16 people at once, which I’m attempting, is rather impossible. There’s a way for your facebook friends to send you more lives, but I have no idea how that operation works. All I know is that when you run out of lives, you will be paralyzed. You will stare at the little smiling heart counting down from ONE HOUR and feel helpless. You will consider paying actual money to get more lives. You will admit you have a problem.

4. Consider your sleep cycle shot. How can I sleep when I’m way better at trivia after 1am? You can push all the blame of this onto your friends. If they weren’t playing you back, you’d have nothing to do. They really oughta get some self control.

5. The game can flip like the tide. Not the tide, that’s maybe too predictable. More like your GPA junior year. Sudden, unexpected, and destructive. You were doing so well, tied at three characters, how did I just get a notification that they won the whole game?

6. Your iPhone battery will die at 1pm because you spent 9-11 locked in trivia battle. Bring your phone charger, I’m warning you.

7. I feel like I’m accessing the strange recesses of my brain. Maybe that’s just the crack talking, but half the time I know the answer when I really had no idea what the answer was at all. It could be that I have a 25% chance of getting a multiple choice question right, but I like to think that I heard it somewhere once and it’s all stored up there now just waiting to win me the title of Trivia Crack World Champion.

8. When in doubt, the answer is Columbia.

Download it. It’s the best and worst thing that’ll ever happen to you.


4 thoughts on “Before You Download Trivia Crack

  1. wompum says:

    I’m in too deep now. I wish I hadn’t downloaded it, but if anyone tries to take it from me I’ll bite their arms off.

    This game is perfect except there should be an incentive for answering a question really quickly.


  2. Suzen says:

    I still don’t get this game. What are the ‘lives’? What do hearts have to do with anything? And really there should be levels of difficulty- it’s all so random; no real sense of accomplishment. Still, can’t stop playing..;)


  3. jasrasr says:

    I go through spurts on this game. Right now I am in the UP spurt of checking and playing every break I get. Sometimes for about a week I just loose momentum and stop playing and allow my games to run out of time. I guess I get that feature but don’t necessarily like it.
    I also don’t like it when you challenge someone for a trophy. If you tie they get one more chance to break the tie and if they get that, they WIN? In what other sport or game is ‘this’ legal? The challenger should get the rebuttal. I get that you don’t want the challenge to go on for ever in a non-stop tie, but lets say the challenger gets the rebuttal and loses then it should fairly go to the ‘challenged’. They both had an equal amount of questions (and the same questions). But then you come to the question, “what if the challenger wins the tie breaker?” I say let the ‘challenger’ and ‘challenged’ keep the trophies he/she has. No loss but no gain.
    Just my humble opinion from someone who is pretty addicted to the game…this week.


    • victoriakenzie says:

      I’m the same exact way! Sometimes I play all the time and sometimes I totally lose my motivation.
      And that’s DEFINITELY the thing I would change about the game. Just doesn’t really make any sense! But I guess that’s what we get when we’re all hopelessly addicted to an app.


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