Group Project Personality Types

In honor of finals week and the conclusion of having to think about school for one glorious month, I bring you: Group Project Personality Types.
It is an invaluable part of our education experience that we are forced into group projects. We bemoan them and try to get around them and even fool ourselves into thinking they’re not happening. But inevitably it’s the last week of the semester and you have six different projects with twenty four people you’ve never seen before in your life but somehow just know you’re going to hate.
Here’s all the different personalities that come out when forced to interact with your peers and protect your grade all at once.

The First Emailer:
This is the person who as SOON as you get your project. The very day you get your project. This project that is not due for 3 months 12 days and one hour. Emails the group. She wants to meet. I want to die.
The Avoider:
A First Emailer’s worst nightmare and probably her exact opposite on the Myers-Briggs, the Avoider completely forgets about the project. In fact, she seems to forget about the class entirely. You can’t decide if she dropped it or she’s just really passionate about sleeping in. No one sees her until the morning of the final presentation when she walks in just on time and manages to tread water through the entire presentation. She has done this before.
The Controller:
This group project is just one more obstacle the Controller has to climb to maintain the 4.0 she hasn’t broken since that B+ in algebra in 7th grade. If you’re fine having no say then you are in the ideal place. There’s no doubt that the final product will be flawless.
The Paranoid One:
It’s unclear if this girl has ever done a group project before. Or even taken a class before. Or ever interacted with humans of any kind. Because she just can’t seem to figure it out. Every task delegated in her direction requires such a thorough explanation that it seems like less work to just do it yourself. And who knows, maybe that’s her goal.

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