2015 In One Word Or Less


As soon as Christmas is over my mind turns completely and totally to one thing: New Year’s Resolutions.

I’m a huge fan of resolutions, but that’s probably because I make it a hobby to set near-impossible short term goals for myself throughout the year. Why leave all the fun to January? Some of you are probably firmly opposed, and I understand why. It seems like every resolution is doomed for failure, and sure it could be more fun to watch everyone else cynically. But haven’t you read enough inspirational quotes to overcome this? 

A few years ago my family started picking One Word for each year, stemming from this website. The idea is that instead of making a long list of resolutions you’ll end up breaking anyway, you pick one word to focus on for the whole year. It’s easy to turn everything back to that word, to remember it and apply it and see it.

In 2012 my word was boldness, fitting for a year of graduating high school and making my way to college. 2013 was the year of foresight, and this year my word was broken. And I learned resoundingly to be careful what you wish for.

I have no idea what 2015’s word is going to be. This time next year I’ll be a college graduate, so maybe something like yikes, or brace yourself. Words are so powerful, trying to find a word that embodies the meaning and the sound and the connotation you’re looking for can be amazing or terrible. You want a word that’s beautiful enough to last without boredom, but strong enough to carry your mission for an entire year.

This is a great way to focus yourself, but it’s also an awesome tool for tracking your years. I can look back and remember the lens I looked through for each step forward. So pick a word and tell me what it is and write it on your wall in permanent marker and say it to yourself every morning. This is gonna be great I can feel it.


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