Day Thirteen: All Work No Play

There are few things more full of angst than a minimum wage job. It’s the cashier snapping her gum at you behind the register, wishing you dead with her eyes. It’s the kid behind the McDonald’s counter who can’t even bring himself to care that his uniform’s on inside out. It’s the physical personification of hating everyone and everything and wishing we’d all just go away.

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Day Twelve: Biblical Angst


The Bible might be the last thing in your brain when you start thinking about teen angst. But I assure you, mixed in between the verses we quote in our instagram captions is some serious attitude.

(Formal disclaimer that the Bible is full of meaning and all of these incidents are an example of how to use attitude for the work of the Lord.)

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Day Eleven: An Excuse

It’s 10PM and you might be wondering why there’s no Day Eleven post.

Today there was a guest post lined up. Better bloggers than I would have a backup, but I’m not there yet.

But the story is a blog post on teen angst all in itself.

My writer spent his evening in the back of a cop car, making him unavailable to finalize this particular blog post. Oh the trials of employing the reckless youth.

See you tomorrow!

Day Nine: Locks of Fury

Today we have another guest post, this one by the mythical Laura Jean Cunningham. You can find her all over the internet at @ljandthemachine.

On the night before my first day of college I spontaneously cut seven inches off my hair and, though I didn’t know it then, that was the beginning of a year and a half of hangst (hair angst). Since then my hair has been through a variety of stages, each more hangsty than the last.

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