Day One: We Are The Best!

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It’s Day One of #14DaysofAngst so today we have a movie to play on all your teen sympathies.

If I had to sum up my personality in two words it would be Theme Nights, so last night we put on a lot of eyeliner and hoodies and watched a Swedish movie about three thirteen year old girls who make a punk band. It was chock full of all the parent-rejecting, gym-class-hating, capitalism-dissing, and Punk Is Not Dead-declaring that a person could dream of. Plus it’s on Netflix so what are you waiting for?

11177504_800       we-are-the-best-poster-skip-crop


PS. Feel free to join in on the fun with #14DaysofAngst because angst is for sharing, and come back tomorrow for a playlist that will remind you of all the times your parents just didn’t understand you.



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