Day Six: Who Is Your Inner April Ludgate (It’s a Quiz!) (And a Guest Post!)

#14daysofangst is hitting a whole new level today. We have a guest writer!

Aubrey loves angst and loves buzzfeed, so today she put her loves together to create greatness. Find her on twitter over here (you won’t regret it), and read on to find your inner April Ludgate.


Who am I? When you’re an angsty teen, this question floats through your mind endlessly. You ponder it for hours while listening to Paramore and scrolling through Tumblr, yet you always come back to the same conclusion: I HAVE NO IDEA.

Luckily, there is a perfect way to express who you think you might be while you’re busy figuring out how to hate the world and look cute doing it. Songs, book characters, celebrities, and TV characters provide a way to express how you’re feeling while still letting you keep your identity shrouded in secrecy.


For me, the perfect example of angst is April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation. She has an internship in a random government office and her main goal is to do as little as possible, in the most angsty way possible, while wreaking a bit of havoc here and there. She says things like “I don’t want to do things. I want to not do things” and “Don’t try to bond with me!” which are pretty much the mottos of the teen years. And she has a glare that strikes fear into the hearts of many.

Anti-Friendship April

But underneath that angsty exterior is an intelligent, funny, and deeply caring person — and she’ll threaten to expose all of your secrets if you dare bring that up — she’s got a reputation to uphold. That’s the thing about angst. Despite the attempt to convince everyone that you hate everything, you’re really just trying to figure out who you are and what your purpose is. Spoiler alert: April kind of does, so we have hope!


Now that you’ve decided that April is a true angst icon, what better way to act on this knowledge than by taking a Buzzfeed quiz about it? May I present to you:

Who is Your Inner April Ludgate?


Victoria here, I got Leslie Knope. Clearly I’m not as angsty as I like to make myself out to be. Who’d you get?


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