Day Fourteen: A Goodbye

An Ode To Angst:

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


From the stroke of midnight on my thirteenth birthday, I knew you’d be a big part of my life

The next seven years you carried me.

You kept my tongue sharp and my eyes rolling

You took me to my room with slammed doors and loud “It’s Not Fairs”

You promised me that I was always right,

I did know better than anyone else, I was wise beyond my years after all

You blasted the most curious combination of Fall Out Boy and John Mayer into my ear drums

And you threw me into the arms of my friends with the promise that they were the most important thing

You made me cooler than group activities, cooler than adults, cooler than my parents-that’s for sure

You gave me something to hold onto.

In a world that can’t ever decide what it wants you to look like

Through moves and relationships and transitions

You were my constant

So as the clock strikes midnight and teen angst becomes a memory rather than a present condition

I want to thank you for all you did for me

As I pick up my feet to walk into the next phase of my life, a place of responsibility and decisions and other things that don’t sound like much fun at all

I’ll miss your apathy, your freedom, and your permission to fail.

Goodbye, teen angst.


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