What’s In a Shame?

Freshman year our room motto was MARRIAGE IS EVIL. We cut the letters out of magazines and hung them on our wall to remind everyone that we were still only 17 and not yet ready to fully progress into the adult world. Also to spurn Christian dating culture from the start. After that, the idea that we needed a room motto was fully cemented and Sophomore year we chose NO SHAME. Which sounds much more scandalous that it is.

All that to say, shame is a funny thing. We tie it to all the wrong door posts and not nearly enough of the right ones. Here’s things that feel shameful but aren’t.

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Avoiding a Mental Breakdown In Six Steps or Less

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At this point in the semester I feel like I need to do a complete mental and emotional wellness check on everyone I know at least once a day. I don’t know about the rest of the country, but Cedarville has been in a stress spiral for the last 3 weeks. And there’s no end in sight. It’s sort of like the Bubonic Plague; whoever’s well enough to stand has to fetch water for the others. As soon as you make it a half step above rock bottom you immediately start taking care of the people below you until you switch places.

In light of that, here’s a few ways to calm it down.

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I Have 282 Bug Bites, I Counted.

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The concept of camping puzzles me. It’s a lot of hard work to do what seems like nothing. You have to spend a couple hours physically constructing a place to live and securing your possessions, and then you spend the next couple days just sitting around it. There isn’t a lot to do but walk around and try to avoid the physical harm that comes hand in hand with nature up close. Knowing that, it makes perfect sense that I decided to spend four days of break on an island in the Gulf, straight up camping. Cayo Costa is a little swath of uncivilized land we renamed Babe Island to suit our purposes. The whole island is a state park that proudly calls itself The Real Florida, which is exactly as scary as it sounds.

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