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If there’s anything that sums up this summer, it’s learning. It feels like I learn 3 new things before 8am every day, and the rest of the day follows suit.

Yesterday we were in a seminar about the spiritual capacity of children, which is enough to dwell on for a while. But before that all started, we had this time of what they call “liquid worship” which is an allotted time for you to go through stations that guide you to pray and think about different things. Hard to explain, but really really cool. My first station was to be prayed over by these two people I didn’t know. As they were praying, the girl stopped and said “God has gifted you with communication.” And told me how I should learn to be a stronger communicator from God and the way He communicates, and how I need to remember that I’m gifted that way and start using it in the areas that are hard to communicate.

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Refugee Friends and Sad Goodbyes


A little bit of background first: every Tuesday we spend the day in Syrian refugee camps. We travel with a partner ministry, and our Arab interns put on a Bible-themed skit. After that we hang out with the kids and put up giant inflatables that they play on for a couple hours, and then we pack up and go. Here’s a little bit about last week.

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Some people are great with kids. They can be surrounded by 25 kids that speak an entirely different language, and it still takes only three minutes for them to organize a game where everyone’s having fun and building relationships. I’m not like that. I’m more inclined to stand in the corner paralyzed and whispering “God you brought me here for a reason. Please help me figure out what that is.” This time, it was Wahla.

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All the Things You’re Radically Unprepared For When You Cross the Ocean


As of today, we’ve been on the ground for five days in Beirut, Lebanon. It’s even more different than I imagined it would be, from the conversations interspersed with Arabic discussions, to the driving, to the cultural mandates. I’ve learned about a million things and had lots of great experiences I’m still trying to find the words for, so here’s some week one curveballs until I can write something more.

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