Fall Semester in 22 Memoir Titles or Less

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I haven’t posted in a long time. Months. I don’t know even know how many months. I could count, but I won’t. It’s been so long that I’m trapped in the spiral, now I can’t write anything cause there were so many other things that I totally ignored and it’s impossible to catch up. So I decided to do a brief re-cap in a hopefully un-lame way.

The major events of the last some amount of months in my life, in potential memoir titles.

  • Do I Really Hate Capitalism Or Is This Reverse Culture Shock?
  • National Football Letdown (When All Your Teams Are 0-5)
  • Don’t Let Matt Pounds Sign Your Guest Book


  • Boomer Sooner? A Brief Handbook On What That Even Means and How It Should Shape Your Worldview
  • Project Survive Milner: A 1,600 Page Guide to Keeping the Light In Your Eyes

  • She Totaled Her Car 800 Miles From Home, You Won’t Believe What Happens Next.
  • He’s Going to Ship You the Car From Omaha and Nine Other Ways To Tell This Is a Craigslist Scam
  • The Pursuit of Prius-ness

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  • 19 Jobs and Counting: Feeding Yourself as a College Student
  • I Left Consumer Behavior and I’m Never Going Back: One Woman’s Take On the Cedarville School of Business

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  • When Your Christianity Gets In the Way of Your Marketing Degree (Alternatively Titled: How to Quiet That Conscience and Get Down To Business)
  • Do Not Kill Humans and Other Advice for Group Projects
  • There Is Far Too Much Food Sharing Going On Back There

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  • Thirteen Hours Isn’t That Far to Drive And Other Long Distance Lies We Tell
  • Cool Kids Stay in School and Other Reasons You Shouldn’t Drop Out When You Only Have Eight Weeks Left

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  • Does Everyone Have Pants On? The Lodge Guide to Men
  • I Haven’t Remembered to Turn Off My Curling Iron For Two Weeks: the Pros and Cons of Fixed Utilities
  • Has Anyone Ever Interacted With a Butternut Squash Before? A Culinary Exploration

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  • Fake It Till You Make It (Outta There): A Guide to Conservatism at Family Reunions
  • Pajamas in Public: How Far is Too Far?
  • Have You Been Following What’s Happening With Drake?
  • Congratulations on Making It Through College Without an At-Risk Report, Sike! (Alternatively Titled: How to Motivate Yourself to Show Up to Class)