A Month Unphotographed

So I had this idea. And it was one of those ideas right off the bat you half hate and half love – I’ve found those are most important to follow through on.

So I had this idea and it goes Don’t Take Any Pictures For The Whole Month Of January. None. Zero. For three reasons:

  1. The whole, be present in the moment, feel things instead of capture them, do it for yourself not for the world, train of thought.
  2. To see if I remember the month differently when all is said and done.
  3. My iPhone is full and my computer is full and my brain is full, I can’t possibly store any new memories.

I’m not allowed to take pictures, but I am allowed (even encouraged!) to capture everything. If I want to remember something I either need to write a description or draw a picture or both. Out of this I hope to improve my descriptive writing and increase my humility.

So, if I stick to this (and I will), Instagram will be totally silent for the month. But I just might have some more to say over here. I’ll keep you posted.

The Blog You Write When You Graduate


It’s weird where I’m at. I feel like I shed half of my college student identity months ago, moving my home and my life and my eating off campus and extracting myself from the grips of the SSC as well as I could. But at the same time, I’m in the delayed goodbye. I get to stay in my house and with my friends, and all the ways that life will be different are still hanging up in the air waiting for the second week of January to settle.

I’ve thought long and hard about this and concluded that the thing I will miss the most about being a Cedarville student is the water cooler water. Seriously, I can’t get enough of the stuff. Best way I’ve ever hydrated.

I’ll miss being in college, being a student and the easy identity that is assumed. I’ll miss naps in the middle of the day and skipping required reading.

I’ll miss the exquisite and forbidden pleasure of having classes with friends. This was the thing I was worst at out of all of college, class with friends was a free-for-all that assumed rambunctiousness, coughing to cover up laughs in the back row, and excessive snacking.

I’ll miss the commiseration and celebration. I’ll miss being forced to study the Bible and 10 o’clock being synonymous with chapel and the Twitter favorites. Oh, I will miss the Twitter favorites.

I’ll miss fighting to figure out what I believe in an environment that promoted heavy agreement and heavy disagreement all at once. I’ll miss class discussions and professors that pull you into their office to ask you how you’re really doing.

I’ll miss the knowing and the being known that came so easy. The comfortable shell of a place that, for better or worse, has seen you at all sides.

I’ll miss late nights and early mornings, sunsets through the windows of the BTS, and library cubicles as the final straw of desperation. I’ll miss the people that taught me and the people that showed me. You don’t know what it’s going to be like when you’re really gone, but Cedarville will always be a part of us, won’t it?

I won’t miss Milner.