A Month Unphotographed

So I had this idea. And it was one of those ideas right off the bat you half hate and half love – I’ve found those are most important to follow through on.

So I had this idea and it goes Don’t Take Any Pictures For The Whole Month Of January. None. Zero. For three reasons:

  1. The whole, be present in the moment, feel things instead of capture them, do it for yourself not for the world, train of thought.
  2. To see if I remember the month differently when all is said and done.
  3. My iPhone is full and my computer is full and my brain is full, I can’t possibly store any new memories.

I’m not allowed to take pictures, but I am allowed (even encouraged!) to capture everything. If I want to remember something I either need to write a description or draw a picture or both. Out of this I hope to improve my descriptive writing and increase my humility.

So, if I stick to this (and I will), Instagram will be totally silent for the month. But I just might have some more to say over here. I’ll keep you posted.


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