Becoming Literate is a newsletter by Victoria Storm sent every Friday. The pursuit of comprehensive literacy featuring but not limited to: book recommendations, stories, quotes, and essays surrounding a changing theme. You can sign up here.

All books are rated with the disclaimer that ratings might be artificially elevated because I love them all passionately. You can filter books by category, but to expound on the categories:

Will Teach You Something – Boring nonfiction books are not the only books that teach you something. My favorite thing is when a novel or a memoir or a book of essays slips in a serious lesson on linguistics or a quick synopsis of Czechoslovakia in the 1930s.

Quick – Light/fast. Perfect for afternoons and airplanes and when you don’t want to think too hard.

This Really Happened – IT’S TRUE

Good Story – Sometimes you need books that are like TV. Or more sophisticated than TV, but still TV. Ya know?

Proven to Make You a Better Human Being – You will be exposed to a new idea or be forced to grow a little bit. I think all books do this, but these ones especially.

Good for Sunshine – See, quick.

Good for Rain – moody, captivating, cozy.

Can Make You Forget About Your Life – see Good Story. Sometimes you need a distraction but you can’t bring yourself to start Harry Potter over again.

Can Make You Think More About Your Life, But In a Good Way – See Proven to Make You a Better Human Being. When you want a distraction, but you’ve become emotionally mature enough to realize that’s not what you need right now.

Member of the 1% – This book is my favorite!!!!

Bottom 20% – This book is not my favorite!!!!

Quirky – Deeply weird. An unconventional style, or topic, or character, or something. These are normally my favorites.

Poetic – You will be tempted to take photos of passages on your phone and/or get them tattooed onto your body so you don’t forget them.



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